-structure of this page is not yet organized and still in progress…


-You can learn Japanese with JPOP Lyrics with Floating YouTube.
-Objective of this website is to educate you about Japanese language so that you can read and speak well without furigana so I only included furigana for glossary feature but not in actual lyrics.
-I strongy suggest you read and guess Kanji first and then see furigana if available. (You can also use jisho.org)

-There are few KPOP,Latin POP, and CPOP but they do not have features like glossary or grammar indicator. (You can only listen with convenient time button)

-Romanization for KPOP is temporarily unavailable since 2020/April.
-But Romanization for JPOP is always available.


HANJSTAR has following features:

Grammar Indication

If you mouse over the text, you will see the background color and you will be able to compare it with color indicator provided at the bottom menu.

HANJSTAR utilized dictionary websites such as jisho.org for making proper grammar indication.


If you click the blue dotted underlined text, you will be able to see its definition and Furigana & Romanization

Other links like Google,Glosbe,etc are included as reference links for you to make sure that its definition is accurate.

All glossary databases are created manually

HANJSTAR does not use any dictionary API due to financial reason

Button for YouTube

If you click time button or translated text area, you will be able to listen to that exact time from YouTube

Major Update

2020 Year March Update: Covid-19 & Stay-at-Home Genre Updated due to Coronavirus Outbreak

2020 Year June Update: Hall of Frame for JPOP & KPOP (Preferred and sang by many youtubers, Similar to papularity)


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